Indrema and CollabNet Launch Open Source Video Game Development Network And Resource Center
Indrema Developer Network (IDN) Gives Developers 'One-Stop Shop' to Download Free SDKs and Other Tools





SAN FRANCISCO -- Nov. 6, 2000 -- Indrema Corporation, creator of the first Linux-based video game console and home entertainment system, and CollabNet, a leading provider of collaborative software development platforms and services based on Open Source principles, have officially launched the Indrema Developer Network (IDN), an online community and support network for developers building games on the Indrema Entertainment System (IES) platform. Jointly produced and managed by the two companies, the IDN brings together the tools and community resources that are necessary to drive the development of next-generation game titles for the IES -- and gives developers a one-stop shop to service all of their needs.

As of today, developers can register on the site and then access a host of different features. Most significantly, developers can download for free the 0.3 version of the Indrema Entertainment Software Development Kit (IESDK) that includes every API necessary to develop games on the system (Mesa3D, OpenAL, XFree86, and the DV Linux kernel). Later this year, additional tools and APIs will be available, including CodeWarrior for Indrema (also announced today), as well as OpenStream and Xtrema. "Working with CollabNet, we have built the most comprehensive support network for developers with all the tools they need to build new, cool and fast games for the Indrema system," said John Gildred, founder and CEO of Indrema. "Indrema is changing the rules of console game development, by removing the barriers to entry that prevent new developers from building the next big game. With the IDN, game development for the IES is faster, easier and less expensive than for any other platform."

The site is built on SourceCast, CollabNet's global collaborative development platform, which provides a complete solution comprised of Open Source tools and proven practices. SourceCast is a cohesive Web-based environment that offers simple, powerful and intuitive access to management tools including: code versioning, source code browsing, automatic change notification, mailing lists, discussion forums and issue-tracking Web administration. "Indrema and CollabNet share a vision of how open development can transform existing markets," said Brian Behlendorf, co-founder and CTO of CollabNet. "Open Source development allows new platforms like Indrema's to enter the market and have an immediate impact."

The IDN has four zones: Under the hood, which provides the system hardware specifications; GameXchange, where developers can create new projects and either share the information or keep it proprietary, as well as share ideas, questions and information; the free IESDKs, necessary to develop for the system; and Certification, where developers apply for standard or freeware certification (depending on their choice) for their games to run on the Indrema platform. CollabNet and Indrema will jointly promote the benefits of using Open Source components, such as those leveraged in the IES, to drive rapid growth and quality assurance in a universal standard for video game and other multimedia content development.

The IDN went live during an hour-long webcast presentation given by John Gildred, Indrema's founder and CEO, and Brian Behelendorf, CollabNet's co-founder and CTO. The two leaders gave a tour of the site and answered questions via chat from developers.

About Indrema
Indrema designs, markets and sells consumer electronics and Open Source system software for digital home entertainment. Founded on January 1, 2000, Indrema believes that all operating system software must evolve in an Open Source environment, where application software may remain proprietary. Indrema is currently developing a new distribution of the Linux operating system specifically designed for TV and HDTV applications. Indrema consumer electronics products will offer digital audio, video, Internet and next-generation 3D gaming features for the Open Source platform. For more information, please visit the company's Web site at

About CollabNet
CollabNet provides companies with tools and services for collaborative software development by combining Open Source community expertise with business excellence. CollabNet offers customers a complete development platform with lifecycle management capabilities, and a suite of consulting services to facilitate software development across a worldwide community. CollabNet is currently working with customers ranging from Application Service Providers (ASPs) to Internet firms, hardware and software providers to companies from industries such as marketing and publishing. Brian Behlendorf, co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation, founded CollabNet in July 1999. For more information, see