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GDC 2004Calling all game developers…it’s that time of the year again! That’s right! The Game Developers Conference 2004 in San Jose is right around the corner so it’s time to get in shape for the weeklong festivities. This place covers everything you ever wanted to know and more about video games and the technologies behind them.

The current roster of speakers and seminars are making this GDC one of the best ever. Some of the tutorials will cover topics such as how to develop a massive multiplayer game, 3D based web gaming, java game development and even an official Microsoft Windows DirectX Developer Day! Just to let you know, there’s still plenty of time to register by visiting

The list of speakers is a who’s who of the video game industry. Shiny Entertainment’s David Perry ( who will address the audience on the intricacies of game production, Sony’s Andrew House will cover general interest, Electronic Arts’ Neil Young to address game design issues, John Gaeta (who worked as the visual effects supervisor on the Matrix series of films) to present the visual effects keynote along with Phil Tippett of Tippett Studios (work includes The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi films ) and last but certainly not least…id Software’s legendary founder/owner/coder John Carmack ( will deliver the keynote on programming. Hmm…do you think Carmack would shed a little more info on the development of his latest endeavor Doom III? Personally, I hope so. I want lots of screenshots and a video clip or two or three. Did you know you can still register by visiting
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Video games may be fun and entertainment for the consumer, the guys and gals in the trenches also knows it’s a serious business that generates billions of dollars a year in revenue. But to get a piece of that pie, a game development house also has to learn the business side and social aspects of the industry as well. Look at a game like Grand Theft Auto, which has been wildly successful in sales and popularity but has also become a target for its racial and ultra-violent game play. When a game is as popular as GTA, the developer and publisher could withstand the storm brewing but others may not.

Three events that should be on your agenda is the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) Business Summit. This event will bring developers together to openly discuss the issues and solutions that developers encounter and address in their daily business such as public and business relations, game content, business management skills and planning future projects. By learning how the industry handles its problems, it could help future game developers stay in the game. You can register early by visiting

The second event is the Serious Games Summit will look into the future of gaming for the non-entertainment side. Today, games are being used for many other applications for society. Everything from psychology, simulation and even military sectors have been utilizing video games as a part of their field. The summit will put developers in contact with military individuals and professionals in the education, corporate and government fields. This will open your eyes to areas that you could’ve never imagined before.

The third event is one that every game developer is either eyeing or is already knee deep into and that’s the mobile gaming industry. With people leading even busier lives, mobile technology is becoming the wave of the future. Cell phones, PDAs and newer handheld gaming devices are beginning to build a new business model for developers.
Mobile gaming is projected to increase to a $6 billion a year industry in the next few years. With new technologies like Qualcomm’s BREW, Open GL and more being created, mobile gaming is widely considered to be the next step in the evolution of video games. The GDC Mobile conference will be the place to get up to speed before the train leaves the station.

GDC 2004There’s a short but sweet look into this year’s GDC 2004. If you’re a game developer or are looking at making it in this industry, this is the place to get started. So why hold off?
Did I mention that there’s still plenty of time to register? Click HERE to register now.

About Game Developers Conference 2004
The Game Developers Conference will be held at the San Jose Convention Center from March 22 through March 26th. You can register for the show by following this link:

The conference is targeted towards the professional game developer and provides and central location for them to learn new technologies and network among industry professionals. You can learn more about the conference by visiting the official website at

The Game Developers Conference has posted a guide to the show online. You can access it by clicking HERE.

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