Hasbro Unleashes POX On Children of Chicago





CHICAGO -- May 11, 2001 -- Beginning this Saturday, May 12, kids all over Chicago will be the first in the world to experience POX, an innovative new game from Hasbro, Inc. Following the Chicago launch, the game will roll out across North America with full distribution later this year.

POX is a game where players battle each other with wireless game units. The player creates his own POX character (an "Alien Infector") by using an arsenal of body parts available, each with its own powers and characteristics. The object of the POX game is to create the strongest POX Infector, by defeating all others, similar to "king of the hill" game play.

According to Jim Silver, publisher of Toy Wishes Magazine, "POX has all the necessary elements to become a hit in the toy business."

The most innovative feature of the game is the built-in RF (Radio Frequency) technology that allows wireless game play from one POX unit to another up to 30 feet away. If there are many POX units in range, they all battle each other until one player emerges victorious.

"The exciting aspect of POX is that you can play in a stealth-like way. The game can be in your backpack or in your pocket allowing you to take on other players and they won't even know where the challenge is coming from," said John Chandler, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Hasbro Games. "This technology opens up a whole new avenue of game play."

"We believe that kids will be positively buzzing about POX," said David Niggli, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Merchandising of FAO Schwarz. "We love this game and so will the kids." On Saturday, May 12, FAO Schwarz in Chicago will hold a promotion where the first 100 people in-line can win a free POX game.

For the Chicago launch, Hasbro Games recruited 1,600 boys--ages 8 to 13--from Greater Chicago as POX Secret Agents. These POX Secret Agents have been training and learning the POX game since early April.

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